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About Me

Videographer. Photographer. Storyteller.
Hey there, I'm Sam.
I am many things; powerlifter, bodybuilder, gamer, musician, dancer, and car enthusiast, and most importantly, a Videographer and Photographer from Los Angeles, California.

Having a visual and concomitant audible representation of my memories of times past is something that wasn't inherently important to me.
However, ever since I started lifting weights, dancing, playing guitar, and using Instagram and YouTube to record my journey, digital memorabilia became increasingly important.
The moment I started my journey, I took a picture of myself and thus my starting point. Then I took a video, and then another, and another. Had I never took that first picture, I would have never been able to see how far I've come. At first, I told my own story - and then I started telling others'. I went from just being the one in front of the camera, to being the one behind it.

Now I am a videographer, photographer, and storyteller. Based in Seaford, Delaware, I have pursued my passion in my work.
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